What are gallows ?

Gallows are used for two things. First of all this is your highscore and gallows are used to compete against others. The more gallows you have, the better player you are. Second, you can use your earned gallows to unlock different levels from within hangmates. Keep in mind, you can never loose gallows.

What is this globe icon ?

This is our highscore. The globe is an indicator of your position in the worldranking for hangmates. If you have choosen your country, you should also see an icon with the flag of your country. This is your position in your own country. If you do not see this icon, Click on settings and find your country. Click on it and you're set!

Why can I play 3,5 or 7 games?

The more games you play, the more points you can win.
3 rounds = 1 gallow
5 rounds = 2 gallows
7 rounds = 3 gallows
So if you really want to get that number one position as soon as possible, try playing only 7 rounds per game!

How do I earn gallows?

Simple, by playing the game. Hit the "play random game" button, select the amount of rounds you want to play and choose your category. If you manage to win the game against opponent, you will win one or more gallows. Go ahead, give it a try!

What are bombs?

Bombs can be used to remove letters in the game. Having a hard time guessing the word, press the bomb and remove 5 letters! It's possible to get extra bombs. This can be done be either buying them in the play store or by watching a promotional video to get free bombs. The trick here is to just click the bomb when you need them most.

Privacy policy

Your information is safe with us. Every little bit of information that is being sent between your device and our server is completely SSL-encrypted. All personal data is also encrypted in our database. Basically we ourselves would not be able to identify you as a player of Hangmates.Information that we might have of you as a player are, but not limited to : (nick) name, country, emailaddress, facebook id or google id and your facebook or google profile picture. We respect your privacy and will never sell your information and we do our utmost best to keep all data save. For the techies : We do use salt for encryption and pepper of course. Plus some bacon and lettuce and sometimes we even encrypt with a few tomatoes.For some reason i'm getting hungry. brb.


If you have any questions or remarks about hangmates, please use the contact form on our website (https://www.hangmates.com).